• Whether it be an intriguing cloud formation while driving through Los Angeles, or an angle of a building never seen before, every image becomes something special to be shared with others.

    These images remind us that there truly is beauty everywhere we look. We just need to choose and see beyond our day to day routines and appreciate all the beauty we're privileged to enjoy in life.

    “Pure photography brings out the tension between the external world of appearances and the personality behind the eye focused upon it.”

    - Jean-Luc Daval,
      Photography History of an Art

    Commissions, Corporate Aquisitions, and Gallery Inquiries Welcome

  • Check here regularly as I periodically add new images and create new series.

    I've been busy archiving thousands of new iamges taken over the past year and will be updating this site soon.

    I recently began a series of acrylic paintings based on my photographs, and will be including them here as well once I take some photos of them, so please check back periodically for new images and next exhibit dates. Galleries and agents are welcome to inquiry about representing my work.